personal development mentor | integrative health & wellness coach


Welcome to Mind Body Cole. Whatever it is that brought you here, i’m glad! You’re in the right place. How do I know? Because I believe the universe provides you with what you need at exactly the right time. I'm sure you're familiar with the buddhist proverb, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Below you will find some information about what you can expect in working with me.

Personal Growth

I am going to work with you to promote growth in any and all areas that contribute to health and happiness and help you better navigate toward your goals and feeling more fulfilled. This is your time to focus on you and awaken the best version of yourself. Whether you are searching for your purpose, looking to love what you see in the mirror, seeking a better work/life balance, or trying to kick bad habits; we are turning OFF autopilot and we are going to work together to dive deep into all the areas that will get you closer to your goals. It’s time to love who you are and get excited about where you are going!

Personalized Program

Every person that becomes my client is going to have a different program, because every person is different. As Dr. Bernie Siegel taught me, sometimes the problem is not just in the biology, but in the BIOGRAPHY. Who someone is and what they have been through, their personal story, has everything to do with what they are currently facing. To me, that is what I have passion for. Treating each person as their own individual and helping them get through THEIR obstacles. You can have two people that come to you with the same challenges, but I know they stem from very different places. That is a major component that is often overlooked, and because of this, no two people will overcome the same exact obstacle in the same way. I won’t be prescribing you a drug, I will be prescribing you a roadmap to achieving your goals, and I will be supporting you on your journey to get there.


There is a doctor for every inch of your body, including for your mind, and even your energy body. And there are 7 million websites full of information you can easily get access to at any time, and they all tell you different things! BUT, what we fail to acknowledge is that every single person is different. This is called Bioindividuality at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. You can have 10 people with the same issue but what is causing that issue is not necessarily the same thing, and no one solution will work for every person. As Dr. Mark Hyman says, “Your body only has a certain number of ways of saying “HEY! Something is wrong here”, yet what contributes to the actual problem can be a wide range of things. With so much information out there, including endless shelves of diet books and self-help books, it can be overwhelming and leave you in a place that you don’t know where to start. During your program I will help to educate you on the many different tools available and we will explore what works for YOU personally


One of the most valuable things I learned through my training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is that there is “food” in your life that is just as important as food itself. We call them primary foods. These are things like your relationships, career, exercise, and spirituality. If you’re not feeding yourself properly in those areas, too, then things will be out of balance. You can eat 12 buckets of kale a day but if you hate your job and are in a bad relationship, it is going to contribute to the imbalances that make us unhappy and/or sometimes sick. The same goes for the reverse (if you have a good relationship and like your job but have an extremely unhealthy diet or hate what you see when you look in the mirror). On top of that you may be experiencing life stress, feeling lost/unfulfilled (like you are unsure of what you want in life), maybe you're dealing with physical things like cystic acne, or being unhappy with your weight/appearance... maybe you’re unsure of what kind of diet is best for your body, there are so many things that lead to dis-ease in the body/mind. I have the tools to help you easily discover what areas in your life are out of balance and work with you to create the balance you need in order to become the best version of you.


I want people to become more of who they are and feel good in their own skin because I was once in a place where I felt lost. I felt like I was on autopilot, doing what everyone else tells you is supposed to make you happy, and being far from it. Working too much, not even knowing what I love, hating the person looking back at me in the mirror, using food to numb my emotions… I know what it is like! Together we will discover and create the support you need to make your journey toward your best self as smooth as possible.


Sometimes in search of everything else, we forget what we are really searching for... ourselves. To truly know yourself is something many don't even search for, sometimes we stumble upon its importance... like when you become ill, or when you wind up alone, or when you have all of the material things and realize you still aren't happy. If you can relate, you may see it as a disadvantage... but I promise you it is not. Stumbling upon the desire to truly know who you are and what makes your soul happy is one of the greatest obstacles to be faced with. I'm not saying it is easy, but I am saying that it is worth it. For it is only when we show up as our truest self, that we can attract to us the things that are meant for us.